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You never know how much you use a body part until that body part is injured. Until it’s healed, movements that used to be instinctive become a constant reminder of the injury. Simple daily tasks can seem like Herculean challenges. Strenuous tasks can become utterly impossible. When you suffer from a serious personal injury, your whole life can seem more difficult. Contact our Albuquerque personal injury attorneys to help you through this difficult time.

What is often worse after an injury, however, is the financial and emotional toll that the injury can take on your life and your family. Medical bills pile up, paychecks might stop coming if you can’t work, doctor visits and physical therapy can consume your time, and all the things you used to do for your family must be reassigned or left undone. Your pain and discomfort can make you feel irritable, but the stress of trying to keep up with the additional demands of dealing with your injury along with everything else can feel truly crippling.

Albuquerque Personal Injury Attorneys

Fortunately, there is help in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the law firm of Adam Oakey, LLC has the experience you need to handle your personal injury case so that you can get on with healing and living your life.

Our firm’s experienced Albuquerque personal injury attorneys can guide you through the various aspects of such claims including:

Filing an Action
Slip and Fall Accidents
Wrongful Death
Trials for Car Accidents
Trials for Semi Truck Accidents
Medical Malpractice

We can also help you deal with insurance claims and provide assistance should you need counsel relating to suits.

Common Personal Injury Cases

From car accidents and malpractice to animal attacks and nursing home abuse, you should be aware of some common injuries that lead to personal injury lawsuits. This can help you better understand your options and help you seek legal remedies for your pain and suffering.

Animal Attacks

The most common form of animal attack is a dog bite, but pets and owned animals of all types can incur injury. Unfortunately, this type of injury is especially common with children. This leaves the family to deal with expensive medical bills and emotional trauma that can take years to overcome. The owner of the animal may be held liable, which can help brunt some of the monetary costs of the accident.

Car and Truck Accidents

Our lives revolve around cars, and that makes them a common source of personal injury. Even if you don’t own a car, you may be hit by one while you’re crossing the street or walking on the sidewalk. You could also be injured while you’re a passenger in someone else’s vehicle. Whether it’s the other drive to blame or a design flaw within the vehicle itself, you deserve compensation for your injuries.

Nursing Home Abuse

It can be challenging to deal with the fallout of nursing home abuse regardless of whether the abuse is emotional, financial, or physical. If you find that a loved one has suffered under the abusive hands of nursing home staff, the facility could be held liable.

Unsafe Premises

Anyone who owns property has to ensure their property is safe. If you slip and fall, cut yourself on an exposed nail, or are physically assaulted, the facility may be held responsible due to their lack of attention, care, or security.

Workplace Injuries

Your employer has a responsibility to ensure your workplace is safe and secure. If you’re injured, you can claim workers’ compensation for your employer’s insurance company as well as possibly file a lawsuit against any responsible third party, such as the owner of the property.

Personal Injury Legal Process

It can be intimidating to engage in a personal injury lawsuit. You may believe that it’s not worth it, or you may be concerned about how the process plays out. However, by learning a few basics about the personal injury legal process, you can better determine if you should go forward with your case and understand what the legal process looks like.

Should You File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you’ve been injured due to an accident, you should consult with reputable Albuquerque personal injury attorneys who understand the law and are willing to fight for you in court. Having your own personal injury attorney will give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

While it’s important to seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer whenever you’re injured in an accident, there are several situations where it’s especially necessary:

    • You’ve received a settlement offer from the potentially responsible party.
    • The person who caused your injuries lacks insurance, or you’re unable to receive compensation from their insurance agency.
    • Your insurance company won’t pay for your medical bills, or you otherwise have received medical bills for your injuries that you’re unable to pay.
    • You require continuing medical treatments as a result of the accident.
    • Your injuries cause you to leave your job or keep you out of work for an extended time.

When Should You File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

It’s important to take quick action when you’re injured due to an accident. There may be a statute of limitations that places a specific amount of time for you to file your lawsuit before you waive that right forever. The amount of time can vary based on location, the type of incident, and the type of injury.

Due to this timeline, you should take steps to ensure you’re making your case as strong as possible. That means documenting everything that happened to you before, during, and after the accident.

You should also see a doctor even if you feel fine immediately after the accident. They may uncover internal concerns or underlying injuries that don’t become apparent until days later.

What Happens During a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Once your lawyer has filed your lawsuit, the discovery process begins. Both sides of the case will share documents and information. In many cases, a settlement will arise during this period, and the process will cease.

Should your case reach court, your lawyer will present the evidence and advocate on your behalf. If you win, you’ll win compensation that may cover your medical bills, lack of work, and other expenses caused by the accident. Unfortunately, these damages are often the only time the responsible party will be punished for the accident, and you should be aware the monetary amounts potentially won here are final. That is, you won’t receive any further compensation from that specific party.

What is the Potential Compensation from a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Beyond being able to emotionally move on from a traumatic event, the reason you file a personal injury lawsuit is to help recover from some of the financial pain caused by the accident. That means compensation is often awarded based on a variety of factors:


    • Any lost wages or earning capacity caused by the injury
    • Current and future medical bills
    • Emotional trauma and mental anguish
    • Short- or long-term need for special medical equipment
    • Permanent injury or disability
    • Physical pain and suffering
    • Wrongful death

Get in Contact

Whether you are injured in a car, semi truck or work accident, a the victim of medical malpractice or a defective product, or are suffering from the wrongful death of a loved one, our Albuquerque personal injury attorneys are ready to help you recover. Click Here to receive a free consultation. 

Why Hire an Albuquerque Personal Injury Lawyer?

Why Hire an Albuquerque Personal Injury Lawyer?

Learn why getting compensated for the medical bills, pain and suffering, and other harm after an accident requires an Albuquerque personal injury lawyer.

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