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Adam Oakey

Adam Oakey, New Mexico native, went to Anderson School of Business and graduated with honors. After graduations from Anderson, Adam went to University of New Mexico’s School of Law. He graduated from there in 2017.  After working at Bowles Law Firm, Adam decided to open his own practice in January of 2018.

After only two and a half years on his own, Adam has about 200 clients and 10 employees as well as two additional attorneys.

Adam has done anything from DUI to 1st Degree Murder cases and is not afraid of any challenge, as you may know, if you know about his past Mixed Martial Arts Career. Adam was a champion in the cage and it now fighting for the people. He loves his city of Albuquerque and his state of New Mexico.

Adam also takes cases in Personal Injury as he likes helping those that are injured over negligence committed by corporations and or individuals. He takes special pride in batting insurance companies.

The Law Office of Adam Oakey does Family Law. His passion for families and children shows everyday with his four children. Family is his focus in his life.  He treats his clients and practice like his own family members.

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At the Law Office of Adam Oakey, we meet people every day whose money, freedom, and very livelihoods are jeopardized by criminal charges. When the police, and the criminal justice system, are involved, every second—and every statement—counts. Don’t hesistate on this important time in your life, Click Here to contact us now.

  • Jennifer Huerta AvatarJennifer Huerta

    positive review  Amazing attorney! Would recommend! - 7/08/2020 

    Sherry Aguirre AvatarSherry Aguirre

    positive review  how much more real can you get with someone who has been/lived both sides bad and good. someone who can literally relate!! 5 stars all day long! - 7/08/2020 

    Anthony Manning AvatarAnthony Manning

    positive review  best attorney in new Mexico. - 7/08/2020 

  • Kevin Fitts AvatarKevin Fitts

    positive review  Someone I actually feel deserves the success he has. Good person doing good things. - 7/08/2020 

    Clarisa Aguilar AvatarClarisa Aguilar

    positive review  I totally recommend Adam Oakey, as a lawyer he's very effective and professional, as a human being he is very kind and has a big golden heart.

    Les recomiendo a Adam Oakey, como abogado el es muy efectivo y profesional y como ser humano tiene un corazon de oro. 100% recomendado. - 7/08/2020 

    Jennifer Morrison AvatarJennifer Morrison

    positive review  Great personal experience, works for you and with you! - 7/08/2020 

  • Chasity Marquez AvatarChasity Marquez

    positive review  Adam Oakey has a good sense of humor. He is very knowledgeable and is the best person to be represented by. If I ever need an Attorney/lawyer in the future I will be hiring Mr. Oakey. He's been on both sides of the law so he knows what it's like. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 for sure! - 7/08/2020 

    Houston Minshew AvatarHouston Minshew

    positive review  Down to Earth, funny human being. 5 stars. - 7/08/2020 

    Keith Chavez AvatarKeith Chavez

    positive review  Extremely knowledgeable would strongly recommend Especially if you’re at your worst you want to be represented by the best somebody that will fight for you!! - 7/08/2020 

  • パパ と呼んで Avatarパパ と呼んで

    positive review  He knows what he is doing👌 Excellent work - 7/08/2020 

    Mike Hobbs AvatarMike Hobbs

    positive review  Honesty, integrity, with a sense of humor. Greatest and best law office in New Mexico. - 7/07/2020 

    Gladys Nikole AvatarGladys Nikole

    positive review  Best attorney I have ever dealt with. The whole law office in general is by far the best and most comfortable in Albuquerque - 7/07/2020 

  • Ashley Quintana AvatarAshley Quintana

    positive review  Best lawyer in town!!! Love the memes keep them coming!! - 7/07/2020 

    Katherine Alexandra AvatarKatherine Alexandra

    positive review  Keep up with the funny posts! I love the humour, we need more of it in this easily offended world. 🖤 - 7/07/2020 

    Marco Diaz AvatarMarco Diaz

    positive review  he knows both sides of the system - 7/07/2020 

  • Jay Caston AvatarJay Caston

    positive review  I mean, the guy tells it how it is. I'd hire him. - 7/07/2020 

    Andy Montoya AvatarAndy Montoya

    positive review  For the people. Appreciate the realness - 7/07/2020 

    Brian Moore AvatarBrian Moore

    positive review  Adam’s AMAZING!! He took a chance with our case. Saw the evidence at hand, the wrong doings of the property management company, the health violations being made and or not being dealt with per state law. Adam spoke on our behalf, his amazing law associates kept our anxiety at bay. And they took the reins. Winning our case against a bunch of slumlord bullies!!! I recommend Adam and his great team for anyone! Thank You Adam for everything!! - 7/07/2020 

  • Crystal Ibuado AvatarCrystal Ibuado

    positive review  He is all about helping families get out of tough situations. He is a true New Mexican who wants to help his people. - 7/07/2020 

    Kim Gutierrez AvatarKim Gutierrez

    positive review  Adam Oakey is very respectful and understanding. he take's his time to listen to you and works hard to help and get the job done. - 7/07/2020 

    Martha McMurdoch AvatarMartha McMurdoch

    He cares! - 7/07/2020 

  • Robert Wall AvatarRobert Wall

    Best in ABQ. - 7/07/2020 

    Attack The Dirt Racing Series AvatarAttack The Dirt Racing Series

    In a jam call Oakey, the people's champ! - 7/07/2020 

    Licenciado Lopez AvatarLicenciado Lopez

    Verry. Attention to detail... He is legit on his words ... Does not sugarcoat ... - 7/07/2020 

  • D.Phillips Racing AvatarD.Phillips Racing

    Awesome attorney! - 7/07/2020 

    Melissa Guerra AvatarMelissa Guerra

    Adam Oakey is a phenomenal attorney who will go above and beyond no matter the level of case. What i admire is Adam was once just like any other average person therefore he takes time to go over each detail of a case to ensure you understand would not hesitate to recommend he or anyone at his office - 7/07/2020 

    Ryan Gonzales AvatarRyan Gonzales

    Adam will respond and help with any issue even if it’s just a recommendation or a walk down the right path. He isn’t going to hide the truth and let you know what you can expect. I would recommend Adam and his team to anyone looking for someone who is not in it for the money and wants to fight for your rights! - 7/07/2020 

  • Ginger Cappadona AvatarGinger Cappadona

    Awesome!! Need more people like him. - 7/07/2020 

    505 Racing Productions Avatar505 Racing Productions

    She won't let you see your kids, give this man a call! - 7/07/2020 

    Doreen Archuleta AvatarDoreen Archuleta

    He is the people's kind of lawyer, which goes a long way in eyes of his clients. - 7/07/2020 


The Attorneys at the Law Office of  Adam Oakey  understand the formula for successful legal representation requires exceptional client service, professional dedication and outstanding results.


Law Office of Adam Oakey

714 Tijeras Ave NW

Albuquerque, NM 87102

Mon – Fri

9:00 am- 4:00pm

(505) 249-6157

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