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If you’re looking for Albuquerque defense attorneys, reach out to the Law Office of Adam Oakey. We’re here for you in your time of legal need. We put clients first and deliver strong legal representation due to our experience, skills, and knowledge. This has led us to recover $325,000 for our clients, including $125,000 in recovered bail expenses. In many cases, we’re able to help defend our clients without even needing to go to court.

We’re strong. We’re tough. And we’re here to help.

Our Albuquerque Legal Practice

We’ve made a name for ourselves practicing criminal and personal injury law. However, we’ve also worked hard to help our clients navigate difficult family and relationship issues as they relate to the courts. We’ll always advocate for you, our client, and make sure to put your needs above all else. By building trust and delivering results, we hope to help you get back on your feet and recover from whatever difficult situation with which you’re dealing.

Criminal Law

When you’re charged with a crime, it’s easy to feel like you’re left to your own devices to take on everything the world is throwing at you. Understanding the charge, navigating the court system, and mounting a legal defense can lead to worry, frustration, and fear. We know from a personal standpoint how lonely it can be to stand up for yourself and your rights.

That’s why you need to partner with a defense attorney who is ready to take action and represent your case to the fullest extent under the law. Our team is ready to listen empathetically and guide you through the court system to fully explain your options and help protect your legal rights. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief once we take over because you’ll finally feel like there’s someone on your side.

We have experience with a wide range of criminal law issues, ranging from traffic tickets to first degree murders. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us should be faced with common or complex charges:

  • DUI

  • DV

  • Possession

  • Probation violations

  • Revoked or suspended license

Personal Injury

When you’ve received an injury, the financial, emotional, and physical toll can be overwhelming. You can find yourself struggling to do things you previously took for granted, and you may end up receiving mountains of medical bills. This can lead to issues with your job, your family, and your overall sense of well-being.

While it won’t diminish the physical or emotional pain, there are times where you have recourse through the legal system. This can help lower your financial burden and help you move forward. When you have the right legal team at your side, you’ll feel the stress and anxiety begin to fall, and you’ll realize that there is hope at the end of this journey.

At the Law Office of Adam Oakey, we have the skills and experience to advocate on your behalf and help represent you in legal proceedings so you can begin the physical, emotional, and financial healing process. Our firm has worked with clients throughout the claims process, and we’re happy to represent you through situations both common and unique:

  • Filing an action

  • Mediation

  • Medical malpractice

  • Settlements

  • Slip and fall accidents

  • Trials for automobile accidents, including semi-trucks

  • Wrongful death

Family Law

There may be nothing more emotionally trying than handling family issues through the court system. The feelings of betrayal, hurt, and anger can have ramifications that last a lifetime. It shouldn’t have to be that way, though, and by hiring family law attorneys that fight for your rights and needs, you won’t have to face these battles alone.

In situations involving families and relationships, our goal is to prioritize your needs above all else. We want to deliver solutions and results that align with finding peace. We’re full-throated advocates on your behalf, so you can focus on other parts of your life and begin the process of moving forward.

We’ll work with you to make sure your affairs are put in order and that you have the legal advice and representation you require to make the best decisions for your needs. We’re ready to help our clients with a variety of legal areas that fall under family law:

  • Adoption

  • Paternity

  • Pre-marital agreements

  • Divorce

  • Custody

  • Child support

The Team

Our team is headed by our founder, Adam Oakey. Adam has the grit, determination, and inner strength to advocate on your behalf and deliver results. He’s unafraid of a challenge, including building his own law firm starting in 2018. Since then, he’s helped over 500 clients while adding employees and additional attorneys so the firm can better assist the community.

Adam has a degree from the Anderson School of Business, where he graduated with honors and a law degree from the University of New Mexico’s School of Law. He was born in New Mexico, and he is also a black belt in Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as well as a retired world champion MMA fighter. Adam spends his spare time speaking to the youth of the community and hanging out with his family. His mix of backgrounds makes him the ideal person to fight on your behalf.

Contact the Law Office of Adam Oakey

At the Law Office of Adam Oakey, we meet people every day whose money, freedom, and very livelihoods are jeopardized by criminal charges. When the police, and the criminal justice system, are involved, every second—and every statement—counts.

We provide legal advice, representation, and advocacy in all areas of Criminal law practice, including:


DV (Assault or Battery on a HH Member)

Probation Violations

Revoked or Suspended License 


If you need legal representation in Albuquerque, reach out to our office today to request a consultation. We’re available by phone at 505-433-4953 or via email at info@oakeylawoffice.com. You can also fill out our online form to have someone from our office reach out to you.

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  • Kenna AvatarKenna

    Very swag company. - 6/08/2021 

    Michael Sandaval AvatarMichael Sandaval

    I was very relieved that my case was dismissed. If it wasn’t for josh being so attentive, and a great lawyer, I wouldn’t have been so relieved. But he kept in contact with me letting me knw every court date. I very thankful for everyone at Adam’s offices. They truly move as a unit doing their best to ensure freedom, and well being.-Michael - 5/30/2021 

    James Kapuscinski AvatarJames Kapuscinski

    NOT GUILTY !!!! Awesome Firm, great people. Would do business with again and would refer! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED A++++ A Firm that knows what they are doing and keeps you informed every step of the way! - 5/25/2021 

  • Corey Cipta AvatarCorey Cipta

    Mr. Oakey and his amazing staff are AMAZING! They were able to help me resolve a legal matter that I thought was a lost cause. NOPE! Any issue that you might have, give Adam a call and he'll be all over it! Thank you again and you will have all of my business going forward! I'll refer you to everyone I know! - 5/24/2021 

    Reid Julin AvatarReid Julin

    Mr. Oakey was absolutely amazing!!! He went above and beyond and achieved the results he promised. I couldn’t have found a better attorney. Four years of worry and angst are finally over. Thank you Mr. Oakey! - 5/20/2021 

    Mario Trujillo AvatarMario Trujillo

    One of the best in town, nothing but positive vibes. Highley recommend - 5/18/2021 

  • Nora Sanchez AvatarNora Sanchez

    I had the pleasure to retain Adam Oakey Law Office. ⚖️ My “89 year old Mother “ was the one with-the business. We were greeted right away at the door, with total assistance for my mother. She smiled ear to ear, with ALL attention she received by the whole staff. The whole team witnessed and notarized and signed and stamped everything. I have to give the office of Adam Oakey’s team, a big Thank you, for your Professionalism and feeling like you count and matter. 📝 📋“ SPECIAL THANK YOU TO: “ Blake Dugger and Lorenzo Coca and Elizabeth S. For organizing this, on what was a “WALK IN”👍👍👍 - 5/14/2021 

    Dana Dane AvatarDana Dane

    Adam and his team, are the best in New Mexico Law they come through for their clients I couldn't have asked for better attorneys who genuinely care about the people of New Mexico - 4/30/2021 

    Michael Pettit AvatarMichael Pettit

    Very kind, humble people, who want whats best for you. - 3/10/2021 

  • Jose Sanchez AvatarJose Sanchez

    Very unique law firm. I felt comfortable Mr Lucero thank u for your time. - 3/03/2021 

    Renee Santana-West AvatarRenee Santana-West

    they have been super helpful. Definitely coming back if we have any future needs. - 2/24/2021 

    amber hilton Avataramber hilton

    Adam Oakey is an excellent attorney who really goes above and beyond for his clients. He represented a relative of mine on a criminal case and was able to get him only a few months, instead of 9 years. Could not have been more appreciative of him and what he has done to help our family. - 2/24/2021 


    Adam has and always will be an amazing human being . Adam has been there for me with both my business and personal life and has helped me reached new levels of personal growth . The staff and service is top notch . Thank you Adam for all you are doing in the community ! - 2/24/2021 

    Anita Flores AvatarAnita Flores

    Best Attorney attentive and Team! - 2/24/2021 

    AJ Hall AvatarAJ Hall

    Adam Oakey will fight for you. He raised up through tremendous adversity to become an attorney so he could help people who most need help from an attorney willing to fight for them. If you are looking for someone who will fight through the odds to help you, hire Oakey. - 2/24/2021 

  • Thomas P AvatarThomas P

    I am a business owner and Mr Oakey is my attorney. He has created professional contracts for me and has successfully collected payments for my company from clients who refused to pay for my services. I have only had good experiences with Adam and his associates, and I will continue to go to him when I need legal services. Highly recommended! - 2/24/2021 

    Kelly Austin AvatarKelly Austin

    Life has many surprises and twist's of fate. When you least expect it, the unthinkable happens. And this is when a good attorney can be the difference between your sanity and mental stability moving forward. These are the circumstances surrounding my particular case and I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the Adam Oakey Law firm. More importantly, I was able to retain a very professional and pleasant attorney by the name of Mr. Blake Dugger. It is my opinion that given the time constraints and introduction to my situation Mr. Dugger was very professional in handling my case. I thank you sir for your experience and friendly manor in which you conducted yourself. I will highly recommend your services to anyone in need. The Adam Oakey Law firm is favored to have such an experienced attorney. - 2/24/2021 

    Chris Green AvatarChris Green

    Adam has helped me tremendously. He is there whenever I need him. Just a quick call and he’s there. He’s professional, knowledgeable and a good at what he does. - 2/24/2021 

  • Danielle lopez AvatarDanielle lopez

    Thank you Adam for all you have done for My family and myself for My case. I highly recommend Adam as a lawyer. - 1/24/2021 

    jaime silva Avatarjaime silva

    Adam and Matt are amazing. Had to evict a tenant from our property and they handled everything amazingly!! We could not have asked or got a better team to help us. Thanks guys - 1/24/2021 

    Richard Cardona AvatarRichard Cardona

    I hired Adam to help me through a very tough situation and I was worried about many things. He not only delivered on all my expectations he went above and beyond to be there in follow up hearings. This guys is down to earth and knows what it’s like to be in your shoes. If you're looking for someone who is going to fight for you all the way through then Adam is who you want in your corner! - 1/24/2021 

  • Monique AvatarMonique

    Long story, short; picked up 2 felony charges. 6 months down the road, Adam and his team had my case dismissed!!! Oakey’s Law Firm was professional, efficient, knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable, rather than like a criminal. I highly recommend using the Law Office of Adam Oakey! - 1/24/2021 

    Its Frubzy AvatarIts Frubzy

    This is lawyer who fights for you. And I support him 💯 percent. - 1/24/2021 

    Wiley Seigler AvatarWiley Seigler

    I have known Adam for over 20 years. His greatest quality as a man has conveyed perfectly into his chosen vocation of attorney. He is fiercely loyal to his people and those that oppose him all wish they hadn't. I have heard since high school about people that don't like Oak for whatever reason. I can assure you that he treats people accordingly. If someone has ever had their feelings hurt or had negative outcomes of their interactions with him, they deserved it. I have only ever known him as a caring provider and protector that is willing to do things that others won't to protect that which he holds dear. If you ever find yourself in a bind or in a situation you may not be able to handle alone, I hope you have someone like him on your side. I'm glad I do! - 1/24/2021 

  • Cecilia sena AvatarCecilia sena

    Always responsive, professional, awesome quality work by all staff. Can’t find any other Lawyers who can serve you better! - 1/24/2021 

    Frubzy AvatarFrubzy

    My lawyer Adam is the best. He not only helping me with my case. But I worked one on with him. He has helped me so much. Thank you - 1/24/2021 

    Annastashea Weeding AvatarAnnastashea Weeding

    Went to the Law Office of Adam Oakey, and was immediately welcomed in and offered drinks with pleasant conversation. Everyone was incredibly helpful and welcoming. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Oakey and Mr. Lucero, while waiting. They had great energy, and really do everything they can for their community. I also had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Hess, who was such an all around amazing person. I am looking forward to continue to work with everyone in the office. The environment was very professional and respectful. - 12/24/2020 

  • Roger Chavez AvatarRoger Chavez

    Staff is helpful, relaxed environment, professional and easy to get through on the phone. Overall Attorneys and staff are very knowledgeable about the law and would recommend there services. - 11/24/2020 

    Cheyenne Carr AvatarCheyenne Carr

    responsive and knowledgeable staff thanks for the great service - 11/24/2020 

    Eduardo Pena AvatarEduardo Pena

    Counsel Oakey is a pillar of justice! This officer of the court offers rigorous representation as evident of his dedication, expertise, and professionalism. The depth of commitment is unmistakable. His discernment of the law engenders reverence and is highly recommended. - 11/24/2020 


The Attorneys at the Law Office of  Adam Oakey  understand the formula for successful legal representation requires exceptional client service, professional dedication and outstanding results.


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