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Adam Oakey

Meet Adam Oakey

Adam Oakey, New Mexico native, went to Anderson School of Business and graduated with honors. After graduating from Anderson, Adam went to University of New Mexico’s School of Law. He graduated from there in 2017. After working at Bowles Law Firm, Adam decided to open his own practice in January of 2018.

After only two and a half years on his own, Adam has about 200 clients and 10 employees as well as two additional attorneys.

Adam has done anything from DUI to 1st Degree Murder cases and is not afraid of any challenge, as you may know, if you know about his past Mixed Martial Arts Career. Adam was a champion in the cage and it now fighting for the people. He loves his city of Albuquerque and his state of New Mexico.

Adam also takes cases in Personal Injury as he likes helping those that are injured over negligence committed by corporations and or individuals. He takes special pride in batting insurance companies.

The Law Office of Adam Oakey does Family Law. His passion for families and children shows every day with his four children. Family is his focus in his life. He treats his clients and practice like his own family members.

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Sometimes you may find yourself in difficult situations and not be able to defuse the without going to court.

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  • Nina McCracken AvatarNina McCracken

    Easy to talk to and answers questions fairly quickly. Staff is pleasant and easy to work with. - 9/02/2020 

    DJ John Edwards AvatarDJ John Edwards

    Adam is an Abq guy who deals with his clients and friends with openness and fairness. I would recommend his services. - 9/01/2020 

    Michael Thomas AvatarMichael Thomas

    I'd rather have an who can actually understand their client's position as opposed to one who's only experience is jurisprudence or the rules of civil and criminal procedure - 9/01/2020 

  • Devin Finley AvatarDevin Finley

    Good job patrolling thots boys - 9/01/2020 

    Jeff Ferner AvatarJeff Ferner

    His memes are 🔥 - 9/01/2020 

    Epifanio Deluna AvatarEpifanio Deluna

    #1 law firm in alburquerque. - 9/01/2020 

  • Brandan Shakey AvatarBrandan Shakey

    Tough, Diligent and Power Forward! - 9/01/2020 

    Filip Hobbs AvatarFilip Hobbs

    Excellence and Integrity!!Fair and professional. Would and have recommended! Keep up the great work Adam!! - 9/01/2020 

    Nathan Peralta AvatarNathan Peralta

    Very professional and personable.Most importantly very responsive. I highly recommend the Law Office of Adam Oakey to anyone needing legal services. - 8/25/2020 

  • Cameron Hines AvatarCameron Hines

    Love the people here... This is a honest, caring and understand group of employees and Lawyers. Their always willing to go the extra mile or above and beyond... Gotta Love that. Prices are also very reasonable and fair... - 8/21/2020 

    Mason Alvaro AvatarMason Alvaro

    positive review  Wealth of knowledge. Will get you the Due Process you deserve!! - 7/22/2020 


    Crystal was very nice everyone in office and Adam oakie by far one that will be at top just hard working as he was when we were younger and I watch him fight but just great lawyer I refer him to anyone that needs any service he and crew should I say team but I'm very thankful Adam oakie law firm #1 in my book - 7/21/2020 

  • Deanndra Rox AvatarDeanndra Rox

    positive review  Hes the real deal. He will FIGHT FOR YOU. - 7/20/2020 

    Gavin Drake AvatarGavin Drake

    positive review  11/10 top notch. all of the stars. - 7/18/2020 

    Adriana Dauber AvatarAdriana Dauber

    positive review  Love the ads, even as a woman. Great way to focus on the fact that you represent everybody no matter what the situation is. - 7/18/2020 

  • Karla Garces AvatarKarla Garces

    positive review  Best lawyer always goes beyond for this clients - 7/16/2020 

    Delfino Castillo AvatarDelfino Castillo

    If you are looking for a great lawyer! Adam Oakley law office is one that is really there to help you. They are very understanding and willing to work with you! Thank you Adam! without you I don't know what I would have done. Highly recommend! - 7/13/2020 

    Iliana Daskalos AvatarIliana Daskalos

    positive review  Funniest Attorney in ABQ. - 7/10/2020 

  • Tom OConnor AvatarTom OConnor

    positive review  good stuff, why do people get so sensitive over comedy - 7/10/2020 

    Jimmy Jack AvatarJimmy Jack

    positive review  Hell yeah mayne. This is a man of the people mayne. I know lots of folks with problems with their exes of all types of sexes. Hos fixin hexes and DAs throwing flex’s. From California to Texas mayne. Whoop whoop. Best lawyer up mayne!!! - 7/10/2020 

    Jazriel Guitierrez AvatarJazriel Guitierrez

    positive review  Great Person Trust him 💯 !!!!!!!!!!!!! - 7/10/2020 

  • Olivås Mari AvatarOlivås Mari

    positive review  Knowledgeable and courteous service. - 7/10/2020 

    Chris Peterson AvatarChris Peterson

    positive review  Adam is a good genuine dude! I knew him back in High School and I haven’t had a need to use his services yet but if I ever have a need for a lawyer he would be the first person I call! I can guarantee loosing is not in his DNA and he will give it 110% when it comes to fighting for you! - 7/10/2020 

    Morgan Michelle AvatarMorgan Michelle

    positive review  They are easy to talk to when you have questions. I recommend them 100% - 7/10/2020 

  • Ybbag Gabby AvatarYbbag Gabby

    positive review  10/10! I recommend Adam to each and every one of my friends and family! - 7/10/2020 

    Hunter Armstrong AvatarHunter Armstrong

    positive review  Keepin it real, would 100% recommend - 7/10/2020 

    Tom Oconnor AvatarTom Oconnor

    Highly recommend - 7/10/2020 

  • La Loré AvatarLa Loré

    positive review  f**king awesome dude! hes here for the people, & it great at making serious situations humorous, but dont let that make you think hes a bad guy. hes GREAT! - 7/09/2020 

    Hannah Monroe AvatarHannah Monroe

    Adam is one of the best lawyers ! Need a lawyer call Adam you won’t regret it . Very professional and cares about his clients - 7/09/2020 

    Jennifer Huerta AvatarJennifer Huerta

    positive review  Amazing attorney! Would recommend! - 7/08/2020 

% of Cases We Do

  • Family Law 30% 30%
  • Personal Injury 30% 30%
  • Criminal Law 40% 40%


The Attorneys at the Law Office of  Adam Oakey  understand the formula for successful legal representation requires exceptional client service, professional dedication and outstanding results.


Law Office of Adam Oakey

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Albuquerque, NM 87102

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